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Fairadise sustainable tourism

”Welcome to Fairadise Beach Resort in Thailand, where the energy comes from 100 % solar energy and all your waist is recycled. The workers earn a good living and everything on the meny is locally produced”

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Sorry, this hotel isn’t real… yet. But we hope that it will be soon. And you can help to make that happen.

Consciousness about the products we consume is growing, and sales of organic and fair trade products are going up. But the travel industry is left behind, and it’s a huge industry with over a billion international trips per year, that’s why we need to put some pressure on the travel companies to give us better alternatives!

Fairadise is a campaign by the Swedish fair travel network Schyst resande to get the consumers sharing information, demanding change and by that also changing the travel industry to the better.

Here are five things you as a tourist can do for a more fair and sustainable tourism:

  • Choose eco-labeled hotels

Ask your travel agent for alternatives, or search on sites like

  • Talk about it!

Ask travel agents about sustainability, make comments and report back on both positive and negative. You have more power than you might think.

  • Eat local food.

Much of the food we consume on our holidays is imported. By choosing local products and restaurant you support the local community.

  • Think before you buy

Buy local products, look for fair trade and skip the fake-brands and things like ivory, sea shells etc.

  • Be animal friendly

Skip shows with animals, they are often kept under bad conditions. And choose tours that help preserve the environment.

Please share this campaign, and for our next holiday – let’s go to Fairadise!


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