Sustainable travel – It’s time for a travelution!

Tourism is a massive industry. We are travelling more and more each year, from around 25 million international trips in 1950, to over a billion in 2014. And the amount keeps rising.

Where we go we also leave our footprints, and thats why it’s important that we also think about how we travel. And it’s not only about how we get there, but also what happens on the destination. Mass tourism can bring things like income leakage, bad working conditions and expensive living. But there’s also plenty of good potential, and that is what fair and sustainable travel is all about. To travel is amazing, living in a tourist area should be as well.

The goal with sustainable tourism is making sure that the impact we make as tourists is a positive one. It can be about good working conditions for hotel and restaurant staff, eco travel and using resources like water responsibly. And it’s not that hard to achieve.

There are plenty of us out there who love to travel, and that wants to do it in a fair and sustainable way. And it’s not as hard as we might think, there are plenty of things we can do that takes hardly any effort but makes a big difference. It’s time for us to make tourism sustainable, bring on the travelution!

sustainable tourism

Kielo is a Sweden based company that focuses on fair and sustainable tourism, mainly by seminars and workshops.

Kielo is run by Sofia Lindström, sociologist with studies in tourism development and a background in tourism, and also an activist in the Swedish fair travel network Schyst resande.

Fair and sustainable tourism is fun, easy and important! Let Kielo show you how.

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